On Wednesday, August 30th in our city, this year’s largest gathering of cave divers in this part of the world was completed.

Fifteen years of dedicated work on promoting cave diving and beautiful locations owned by Herzegovina, and the construction of the Balkan Cave Summit brand had to achieve results.

This year we hosted over eighty participants, of which about fifty CCR cave divers. Divers from thirteen different countries, with all kinds of closed-circuit apparatus, made this gathering the largest set of divers’ rebreather in Europe.

Diving in top locations, socializing and a great team are a winning combination for the perfect atmosphere that reigned all seven days of the summit. The presentation of the equipment and two interesting presentations made this year’s BCSM even more interesting.

All the guests left Mostar full of impressions and satisfied with the organization and hospitality. Special thanks go to our longtime co-organizers of this meeting ISS (Rescue service) Mostar and Reef d.o.o. Nova Gorica.

Given that every year in diving circles more and more spreads the word about the quality and importance of this event, and excellent organization, we have no doubt that in the coming years we will be even more numerous.